Switching to Premium Efficiency Motors?

Did you know that motors used in commercial and industrial facilities consume more than half of the electricity used nationwide? That’s a lot of juice. These days, premium efficiency motors on the market are up to 8% more efficient than standard units-offering substantial energy savings and lower operating costs.

The 3 Major Payoffs of Variable Speed Drives

Energy consumption may not have been on the radar of engineers or industrial companies in the past, but new pressures from customers, stakeholders, and environmental legislation puts it at the forefront. With an estimated 65% of global industrial energy used by electrical motors, one of the ways a company can meet these demands is by…


Albany Business Review

Troy Industrial Solutions is preparing to pursue new opportunities producing metal prototypes. Two months after investing more than $150,000 to install its first computerized lathe machine, general manager David Barcomb says the investment has positioned the company to pursue new business and diversify the company’s revenue stream. “We’ve seen some immediate paybacks,” Barcomb said. “Production is much faster…


Troy Industrial Solutions working to expand client base, revenue

The Business Review: Troy Industrial Solutions is expanding its client base to meet David Barcomb’s goal of $20 million revenue. Barcomb, Troy’s general manager, said the company is south of $18 million. “We’re trying to expand on our 3,000-client database,” Barcomb said. “We’re also trying to grow the business within our existing customer base.” The company, which…


Troy Industrial Acquiring B&J Electric Motor Repair

A tip from a vendor led Jason Smith to the first acquisition in the 150-year history of his family’s company in upstate New York. Smith, as president and CEO of Troy Industrial Solutions, is buying a motor shop in southwest Connecticut. He expects the purchase to close early next month. The purchase signals that Troy…