September, 2022

Troy Industrial Solutions celebrated their 160th Anniversary on Wednesday, September 21, 2022. The whole Troy family honored the occasion at each of their home locations in Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut and New York with a catered lunch, Celebrating 160 Years insignia apparel, cake and lots of pictures. Jason Smith, President of Troy Industrial Solutions for the past 10 years, since taking over the reins from his mother, Karen E. Smith, read a heartfelt speech that was delivered to all the employees. “With Troy celebrating its’ 160th year in business today, we have achieved a truly amazing accomplishment. Although there is an endless list of people, decisions and circumstances that have gotten us to where we are today, I do believe there are 2 key attributes above all else that allows for our continued success. The first attribute is Willingness to Evolve and the second is a Culture of Family First.” Jason concluded his speech by thanking all of the employees for what they do every day, ‘It’s an honor to have you all as part of the Troy Family!”